Our Commitment

Oswestry Team Tennis strives to ensure that any child, young person or adult has an enjoyable experience at our venue. Everyone involved in tennis has a shared responsibility to promote the welfare of everyone. We are a champion of Diversity & Inclusion and are strongly committed to ensuring our club remains open and accessible to all in our society. To help promote our values, we have developed policies through our affiliation with British Tennis that centre on creating a Safe and Inclusive environment for all.

Report it

Any concerns should be reported to the club’s Welfare Officer: Club Welfare Officer

Paula Jones – 07763775235 l8pdjones@hotmail.co.uk

LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis Team – 020 8487 7000 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) saeandinclusivelta.org.uk NSPCC – 080 8800 5000

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